Lotus Notes Emails to Exchange Archive Mailbox

Seamlessly transfer NSF Emails to MS Exchange Archive Mailbox for Better Performance

  • Move Lotus Notes Emails to Archive Mailbox
  • Add Multiple Files, Folders or Remove
  • Apply Date and folder Specific filters
  • Remove Emails Encryption
  • Lotus Notes Client & Exchange Installation required
  • Valid Exchange sAM Account Details Required
  • Domino Server Installation Not Required

Download Ver 1.0
100% Secure

The free demo version of the tool move 5 NSF files with limit of only 15 emails migration to exchange archive mailbox.

Notable Feature of NSF Emails to Exchange Archive Mailbox

Bulk Migration of NSF Emails

Migrate NSF files or add folders containing multiple NSF files at once. Remove file which is not required to move in Exchange archive mailbox.

Apply date Specific Filters

Transfer NSF emails to Exchange archive mailbox with date specific filters. Provide date range for receive on interval date for emails or include folder older than given date.

Apply folder specific filter

Add all folder at once or selected folders like (inbox, sent items, trash, Draft, Junk mails). Also user can also move customs folders at one or specific folder after proving the root level folders names.

Remove Encryption from Emails

This enables user to decrypt the emails if any emails is encrypted for security reasons. The software removes encryption from emails in order to have access.

Preview Migration Status Reports

It preview complete migration details before & after migration with mailbox authentication, size and duration of migration. The software will preview count details of downloaded file, scanned file & total error (if any exists.)

Watch the Live Video of the Product with its Working Steps

Possible Queries of the Users

Is it moves all emails folders to Exchange archive mailbox?
Yes, the software by default moves all folders to Exchange archive mailbox or user can apply folder filter option to migrate only the selected once.
Exchange credentials are necessary for migration?
Not exactly, but it only requires sAM account user name for successful migration otherwise it will not proceed.
Is bulk migration Exchange Archive mailbox is allowed?
Yes, software allows transferring multiple NSF files by adding one by one or by adding it by folders.

Technical Overview

Lotus Notes client is technically improved and typical client platform to manage, data management is quite typical with this platform. Loads of data and information makes server weak and hectic to perform better. Thus it is always considered to archive years old emails and their attachments in a save place from where user can easily access data.


Thus user needs to save or backup Lotus Notes emails to Exchange archive mailboxes. Manually it will be quite typical to perform this task as it first requires converting NSF emails into PST file format (that can only be done by using a third party application) and then moving it into Exchange archive mailbox via exchange management console.


Now user can execute this task easily by using "Lotus Notes emails to Exchange archive mailbox migration application". This application easily moves data NSF emails data in Exchange archive mailboxes and saves professional's valuable times.


Hidden Benefits of the Application

  • Increase on-premise performance
  • Manage emails and give file growth
  • Advance e-discovery and data security